The bathroom cabinet is a fairly unexplored area and has looked almost the same the past years. Today the bathroom has an important role in our everyday life and routine. It is a space where we want both an ambient light but also a good task light when doing our everyday routine. There are four main issue with the luminaire of today's bathroom cabinet's. The light from the luminaire is usually either to blue, to yellow or to bright. And creates shadows as the light source only comes from one direction

The aim with this project was to improve and create a new interpretation of the bathroom cabinet and luminaire with the goal to create a minimal but optimal bathroom unit.

Created together with: Andrea Muller

IF Award

"Although a relatively simple concept. This bathroom system is well-designed and thought-through, allowing users to arrange their bathroom to suit their personal requirements. With a little bit of work this could be a real product."
IF Design Award Jury Statement


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